Bekim Sejranović has left us too early


After a short and serious illness, the acclaimed writer, translator, musician, eternal nomad, and punker Bekim Sejranović has suddenly passed away in Banja Luka at the age of 48.

Bekim Sejranović was born in Brčko, in 1972. Upon finishing high school, he enrolled at the Faculty of Maritime Studies at the University of Rijeka. After a year, he gave up his dream of becoming a seaman and has begun his studies of the Croatian Language and Literature and Comparative Literature at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Rijeka.

In 1993, he moved to Oslo, Norway, where he graduated in Croatian Literature. At the University of Oslo, he taught South-Slavic sciences, languages and translating. We worked as a court interpreter, literary translator, taught Norwegian to foreigners, wrote and published books.

His novels and short stories collections were translated to several languages: Norwegian, Slovenian, Macedonian, German, Czech, Polish, and Italian. He translated a dozen titles from Norwegian, including the works of Ingvar Ambjørnsen and Frode Grytten, and curated the anthology of the Norwegian short story, The Vast Waste Land (Naklada MD, Zagreb, 2001).

In 2016, in an interview for Moderna vremena, Bekim told the inteviewer Marijo Glavaš: "I have been a punker my entire life, and I don’t mean that in a music sense, but as a life philosophy. For me, punk is every revolt against the elites, the repressive state apparatus, the right to diversity, whatever that diversity entails. Punk is liberation, the struggle against the bleakness of bourgeoisie, questioning of unquestionable 'truths', asking the unpleasant questions, telling the inappropriate stories and most of all, punk is a protest through individuality, subjectivism and singularism.

Always against the flow, that's what punk is."