The Bavarian Prize for publishing project goes to Tatjana Gromača's German publisher Stroux


German publisher Stroux was awarded the Verlagsprämien des Freistaats Bayern 2022 for the German translation of Tatjana Gromača's novel Die Goettlichen Kindchen, translated from Croatian to German by Will Firth.

The prize honors the valuable work of independent publishers and is dedicated to 10 publishers yearly and it encompasses 5.000 €. The prize goes to a convincing publishing profile and a publishing project.

Die Goettlichen Kindchen takes us to the early 1990s. Aas Yugoslavia begins to crumble, so too does a woman, known only as Mother. Ostracized by her neighbors because of her background, the bright cheer Mother brought to her role as a wife and mother is darkened by the onset of mental illness that devours an entire family. Seen through the acerbic and wry perspective of Mother’s eldest daughter, Divine Child paints a picture of the forces that batter an individual into shape in a time of economic crisis and rabid nationalism.

This unforgettable survival narrative won the 2013 Jutarnji list Award for Novel of the Year in Croatia.