The Glembays cycle by Miroslav Krleža published in France


All three plays of the acclaimed drama cycle The GlembaysMessrs. Glembay (1928), In Agony (1928/1957), Leda (1932) – by one of the greatest Croatian authors Miroslav Krleža have been published in France by Prozor-éditions as La Trilogie ses Glembay. This marks the very first French translation of the entire cycle, available now to francophone audiences, almost an entire century since it was originally published.

Translator Nicolas Raljević, also the founder and editor of Prozor-éditions, started his work on these three plays twelve years ago, and all have been the subject of numerous readings and expert corrections. Furthermore, the book includes a foreword by Goran Pavlić from the Academy of Dramatic Arts, University of Zagreb, more than 500 footnotes, a fully updated bibliography of Krleža's works published in French translation, with a list of articles, books, and studies in French dedicated to this classic Croatian author.

Publication of the French translation of The Glembays has been supported by the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia – click for more information: Translation Grants .