Croatia at the 61st Bologna Children's Book Fair


This year marked the 61st edition of Bologna Children's Book Fair, the world's biggest fair of children's literature, illustration, multimedia content and new trends in publishing for younger readers, and Croatia was among the exhibitors.

Croatian national stand was open to visitors throughout the entire fair, from April 8th to 11th, and lead by Saša Krnić (Ibis Grafika) and Isabella Mauro (The Croatian Centre for Children's Book). The stand was illustrated by Vendi Vernić, the internationally acclaimed Croatian illustrator renowned for her distinguishable aesthetics and style. The oak tree illustration on the stand was visually striking, recognizable and praised by many visitors during the Fair. The stand showcased 305 books by 27 Croatian publishers and works by 19 Croatian illustrators, alongside the main illustrator Vendi Vernić.

In the course of the Fair, the stand was visited by a great number of publishing experts (publishers, agents, representatives of government and non-government international organizations, librarians) and artists (writers, illustrators, graphic artists), inquiring about specific titles, authors, illustrators, publishers, rights sales, possible collaborations... Representatives of Croatian publishers also visited the fair, pleased with the showcased titles, illustrators, the visual identity of the stand and the organizers.

Moreover, the stand was also a meeting place for publishers, authors and other industry experts. Whether they were previous arrangements or spontaneous encounters, the meetings helped creating a welcoming and buzzy atmosphere for different publishing experts to connect and discuss the subject that connects them all – the artistry and the craft of children's literature.