Robert Perišić

Robert Perišić (Split, 1969) is a prominent Croatian writer and journalist. He writes poetry, fiction and plays, both for theatre and the big screen; he wrote the screenplay for Dalibor Matanić's film Sto minuta Slave (100 Minutes of Glory, 2004). He worked as an editor of magazines Godine and Godine nove, and published literary reviews in the weekly magazine Feral Tribune.

His novel Our Man in Iraq (2007) was a bestseller in Croatia and received the prestigious Croatian literary award Jutarnji list. The German edition of the novel received Literaturpreis der Steiermärkischen Sparkasse 2011 in Graz, Austria, while the US edition won wide and unanimously positive press coverage. The following novel, No Signal Area, received brilliant reviews both in Croatia and in translation, with Jonathan Franzen and The New York Times and Kirkus Reviews praising Perišić for his narrative skills. In 2022, his novel A Cat at the End of the World was published simoultaneusly in Croatia and the US. 

His translated works have been published in UK, US, Sweden, Serbia, Hungary, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Austria, Italy, Turkey, Egypt and Ethiopia.


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