Marina Šur Puhlovski

Marina Šur Puhlovski (Zagreb, 1948) received her B.A. in Comparative Literature and Philosophy at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Philosophy. She has worked as a journalist and literary critic. She writes novels, short stories, autobiographic prose, travelogues and essays. Her first book, a novel Trojanska kobila (The Trojan Mare) was published in 1991 – just before the outbreak of the war in the former Yugoslavia. By 1991 she had nine books written, which she failed to publish, adamantly refusing to fit into the 'postmodernist' generation. It was only in 1996 that her second collection of short stories, A Rabbit in the Attic, was published.

In the following twenty years, she has been able to publish all the books 'from her drawer,' publishing one or two a year, together with those she was writing alongside – a total of twenty titles. She was awarded with several literary prizes for her short stories, including the Večernji list Award and Književni krug Karlovac Prize.

Her latest novel, Divljakuša (A Wild Woman) won the V.B.Z. Prize for the best unpublished novel of the year, and was subsequently published in 2018, becoming a literary bestseller.

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