Krešimir Bagić

Krešimir Bagić (Gradište, 1962) is a Croatian poet, critic and a university professor at the professor at the Department of Croatian Language and Literature at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb. His poems and articles have been translated in over fifteen languages, including French, German, Italian, Czech, Ukrainian, Slovenian, Swedish, Polish, Hungarian, Macedonian, Lithuanian, Slovak and Hindu.

His first collection of poems, Each Letter is a Whore was awarded with Goranovo proljece Award, the most prestigious poetic acclaim in Croatia. His other work in poetry include the collections Between Two Strong Puffs (1989), The Tree Top (1994), Ivy (1996), A Language For Every Distance (2001), Le Palmier se Balance (2006), In the Suburb Shade (2006), The Walls Should be Torn Down (2011), Does My Colour Frighten You (2013) and Who Leaves Breadcrumbs Through the Woods (2016).

He is also known for his many acclaimed critical work, especially in the field of Stylistics. He’s the co-author of Four Dimensions of Doubt (1988), The Living Languages (1994), The Art of Denial (1989), The Killing Zone (2002), for which he received the Julije Benesic Award for the Outstanding Critical Work, like Throw the Style out of the Window, It Will Come Back Through the Door (2006).

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