Milena Benini

Milena Benini (Zagreb, 1966 - 2020) is a Croatian writer and translator. She graduated in Comparative Literature at the St. George University in Oxford. She published her first short story in the magazine Sirius at the age of 14, and ever since then has been one of the leading voices of the Croatian Science Fiction. 

Benini has been awarded with the prestigious SFERA Prize six times during her career: in 1999 for her novel Chaos, in 2006 for the short story McGuffin Link, another short story, Dancing Together Under the Polarised Sky in 2010,  in 2012 for the best essay, Divide et morere, for the novel The Dream Seller in 2016 and in 2017 for the best theory work with the article Just a Regular Traveling Apothecary.

The Dream Seller has also won the Artefakt prize in 2016, as well as the novel Dragon’s Dawn in 2017. Benini has translated numerous authors into Croatian, such as Douglas Adams, Jules Verne, Terry Pratchett and Boris Vian.


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