Srećko Horvat

Srećko Horvat (Osijek, 1983) is a philosopher, author and political activist. One of the most prominent voices in contemporary philosophy, he is a regular contributor for many renowned international journals such as The Guardian, Jacobin, Al Jazeera, Der Spiegel and The NY Times.

Shortly after graduating in Philosophy and General Linguistics at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb, Horvat published his first works, Against Political Correctness and Signs of the Postmodern City. The early works were followed by numerous titles in Croatian, such as Love for Beginners (2009) and What Does Europe Want? (2013), cowritten with Slavoj Žižek, and several titles in English: Welcome to the Desert of Postsocialism (2014), The Radicality of Love (2015), Subversion (2017) and Poetry from the Future (2019).

He’s the founder of Zagreb-based Subversive Festival and Philosophical Theatre, a manifestation held in the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb that hosted Vanessa Redgrave, Herta Muller, Julia Kristeva, Slavoj Žižek, Thomas Piketty and many others.



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