Mani Gotovac

Mani Gotovac (Split, 1939 - Zagreb, 2019) is an author, theatrologist, playwright and critic, as well as the first woman in the Croatian history to be a theatre manager. She graduated in Comparative Literature and Theatre Studies at the Faculty of the Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb. In 1997, she was awarded the Order of Danica Hrvatska for Lifetime Achievement in culture.

She started her long and successful career as a theatre critic and soon began working as a playwright for both national and international plays, as a director at the Zagreb-based &TD Theatre and the General Manager at the Croatian National Theatre in Split. Her first writings were in the field of theatrology, So Goes Gloria (1984) and Mousetraps of Dubrovnik (1986). She found her voice in the form of autobiography and published several successful and beloved titles: I Miss You. Book One: Winter/Spring (2010), I Miss you. Book Two: Autumn/Summer (2010).



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