Dražen Katunarić

Dražen Katunarić (Zagreb, 1954), author, editor and translator. Graduated in Philosophy from the University of Strasbourg, Katunarić published his first poetry collection, Bacchus in Marble in 1983. Since then, he wrote over 20 poetry and prosaistic work, such as Imposture (1987), High Seas (1988), A Song of Stjepan (1995), Decadence House (1992), Diocletian’s Palace (2006), One Day There Was Night: Selected and New Poems (2015). 

For his collection Nightingale Trap he received the prestigious Matica Hrvatska Award, one of many international accolades Katunarić was awarded with for his work. He also won the Tin Ujević award, the European Circle award, the Naji Naaman Award, Steiermaerkische Sparkasse Award and the French Order of Arts and Letters. His poetry has been translated in over 10 languages.



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