Pero Kvesić

Pero Kvesić (Zagreb, 1950), a writer, journalist and editor. He’s a founder of the magazines Polet and Quorum. During hi long and prolific career, he wrote over 20 short stories collections, novels, children’s books and autobiographical writings. He’s best known for his collections An Introduction to Pero K., Memories of an Editor of the Erotica Magazine, Time of War and Leisure, Writer of Undecent Stories, and for the novels What They Do To Me, What I Do to Them, Rent-a- Car Express, A Chain of Events

Kvesić is the author of the popular children’s series The Flying Teddy Bears, under the mentorship of the Oscar-winning Dušan Vukotić. He wrote screenplays for several documentaries, TV dramas, short films and series. His movie debut, Dum spiro spero, won the Gran Prix Award at the Days of the Croatian Cinema in 2016.



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